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A very commonly asked question from the first users of the web is, “What is my browser?”  They'll have little or no idea about surfing the web . Well, there are tons of browsers across the planet , but choosing the proper one for you is sort of tricky. You'll need to modify or change your current browser for your own needs or professional requirements. So, before choosing the simplest one for you or modifying your current one, you ought to know some detailed information about the browsers.


Well, you don’t need to undergo an extended run because the “What Is My Browser” tool is out there online for you. This free online tool will assist you in detecting your browser and provides you the knowledge about its plugins also . By using what's My Browser tool, you'll check whether you're using an outdated browser or not that can’t support the foremost up-to-date technologies. So, you'll decide wisely if you want to upgrade to a highly sophisticated version of a browser, regardless of which browser you're using like- Safari, Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome.