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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

The Code to text content Ratio is the proportion of the real text that a specific internet page has. The code refers back to the HTML code this is embedded on the web page; even as, the text is the real write-up on or written content on the web page. Better text to HTML ratio shows a better user enjoy.

Having a excessive Code to Text Ratio Checker Tool will assist increase the hazard of your website getting a better rank in search engine effects. Maximum search engines like google use the code to text ratio, so it gives you a leading advantage over your competitors and throughout all engines like google if you have a higher textual content to HTML ratio in your website.

If excessive HTML code is added to a web page, it could cause an elevated loading time on a vacationer’s browser. Subsequently, it will make the person experience unsatisfactory due to the fact maximum web page traffic have a very low tolerance for slow page loading velocity.

This is the cause why we've got evolved this "Code To Text Ratio Checker Tool". It is able to extract textual content from paragraphs as well as the anchor textual content from HTML code on a web page, then calculates the text ratio.